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The History of Our Building



Built by John Pickens Sr. in 1858

Pickens Hall contained the original Pickens General Store, the Heuvelton Bee newspaper, the post office, a meeting Hall on the second floor, grand opera hall on the third floor, & aging cheese in the basement

The first floor was always home to retail businesses including; Pickens General Store, then Pickens and Sons, then Pickens Brothers.  Other businesses to inhabit the building include; F.J. Ducett's store, Danny Mac Shoes, a furniture maker and undertaker, a dentist Office, a video store, IGA and Woods Deli.

After being vacant for several years, the building was up for taxes and scheduled to be torn down.  A group of like minded Heuvelton residents decided it must be savedPickens_general_Store_Heuvelton_New_York_119 as it had been the center of commerce in the village from the beginning.  They formed the Heuvelton Historical Association (HHA) and began the process of becoming a not for profit group chartered as a museum.  They then purchased the building from the Village of Heuvelton for $1.00

The first few years of renovation were fueled by volunteers and holiday sales located in the unheated first floor of the building until enough money was raised to start serious renovations.  Through grants and donations, the building has received a new rubber membrane roof, had its entire exterior re-pointed, had all windows restored and had the second floor completely restored.

Registered on the list of New York State Historical destinations the building has received funding through NYS Parks and Recreations, Main Street Grants, Sweet Grass funding and many other state, federal and private grants.  We have also raised a large portion of money through donations from our local supporters including gifts and donations through the Early Riser Campaign.

Pickens_general_Store_Heuvelton_New_York_219Pickens General Store was created to feed the needs of the building including utilities, staff, events, and small restoration projects.  The function of the store is allow the HHA and Pickens Hall to be self-sufficient and act in service of the community instead of relying continually on the community for support through donations.  It also is intended to once again become the center of the thriving village promoting the "Buy Local" movement as well as bringing commerce back to our main street. 

It is our goal to provide the experience of local history and culture to visitors.  With the restoration of the third floor quickly approaching, we look forward to opening our doors to the community as a space to encounter the arts, music, culture, and history.

Pickens General Store - 83 State Street - Heuvelton, NY 13654 - (315) 344-7950
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