Meet Mr. Pickens - Pickens General Store - Heuvelton, NY

The Proprietor

headerWhen volunteers first began preparing the first floor of Pickens Hall to be used as a store, a little black kitten would visit each day and go home at night.  It was found out that the kitten belonged in the apartment next door to our building.  The kitten became a regular.  Even when the store opened he would be waiting at the back door to be let in when the first staff arrived.  He would pass his days lying around absorbing the ample amounts of attention showered on him by staff, volunteers, and customers.

One warm day in early fall our visitor failed to show at the door for three days in a row and we all became very worried.  Linda Marshall IMG_3111searched high and low outside until she finally went to the apartment and asked his owners where he was.  She was alarmed to find he had been hit by a car and was badly hurt.  His owners did not have the funds to take him to a vet so they had made him as comfortable as possible on a pillow in the living room.  Without a second thought, Linda asked his owners to let her take him to be treated.
Because of his young age and his fierce will, the little guy made a full recovery.  His owners very kindly gave us full guardianship of the little kitten and he was given the esteemed title of "Mr. Pickens," proprietor of our store.  In the haven of Pickens Hall, Mr. P has flourished into a large pampered gentleman.  As our mascot, motivator, confidant, tour guide, and topIMG_4363 selling sales representative, he has given us so much more than we could have imagined.  From the little black kitten on our doorstep to the darkly handsome cat you see today, Mr. Pickens has become one of our greatest assets!
Pickens General Store - 83 State Street - Heuvelton, NY 13654 - (315) 344-7950
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