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Meet our Staff

Welcome to our Family,
We are a close knit little group of like minded people.  We each bring something unique to the project while sharing the common goal of saving our building and strengthening our community through history.  If you chose to give us a call this is exactly who you will be talking to so feel free to give us a ring with any questions!

Debbie Kingsley
- Cloth and Quilting Expert
Deb, Mother of four and Grandmother to three (soon to be four) began her work with Pickens Hall as a member and volunteer for the HHA in the very beginning and has stayed on throughout our journey.  Continuing to work at Pickens General among friends seemed only natural and it is a great way to stay connected with the project.

Linda Johnson Wood
- Basket and Furniture maker Liaison
Linda is a local girl with roots going back six generations in this area. She has worked the first half of her life in manufacturing and second half in the retail business and loves spending time researching family & local history. When given the opportunity to come to work at Picken's Store, she felt it was exactly where she was meant to be. To her, the history of Pickens Hall resembles a big puzzle just waiting to be put back together and shared. It is too grand of a building to let it fall into ruins and be replaced by a characterless metal framed and aluminum structure that will only last 20 years.  It has stood the test of time and deserves another chance to shine.

Linda J. Marshall
- Town and Store Historian
When first returning to Heuvelton years ago she moved into the large brick home on the corner of Water Street and York Street known as "the Grove Hotel."  After doing some research she found that the original owner and builder was John Pickens Sr.  And thus began her long relationship with the Pickens Family.  As town historian she is a valuable resource to the HHA and to the store.  If you have any questions about the history of the building or the surrounding area this is the lady to ask!

Betsy Hebert
- Web writer, Sign Painter, and Cat Photographer
Betsy brings a BFA from St. Lawrence and the ample amounts of patience needed to photograph the sometimes elusive Mr. Pickens.  After taking a tour of the building very early in the project she became completely enamored with the building.  Since then she has spent hours carefully photographing all aspects of the building and restoration for the HHA


Dennis Durant
- Amish liaison
As an active member of the HHA (Vice President), Dennis is a great motivator and willing volunteer always there to lend a hand

David Kingsley
- Wood craftsman and official storyteller
Voted President of the HHA at a meeting he was absent from, David has unknowingly become our fearless leader in this adventure.  If you ever chose to stop in and visit our store, He will be the man standing at the counter telling tall tales.  Feel free to pull up a rocking chair and sit a spell.

Jono Kingsley - Teen-of-all-trades Jono has delivered furniture, laid flooring, and sang for our cause.

Pickens General Store - 83 State Street - Heuvelton, NY 13654 - (315) 344-7950
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