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Renovation Update 7/8/13


Renovation Update- July 2013

Last summer
For our grand-re-re-opening last Labor day we enlisted the help of volunteers and contractors alike, to refurbish our first floor West Room.  As the original store space it was the first to be made “livable” so we could get our store up and running.  That was seven years ago.  After serving us well as retail space we gave her a face lift with a brand new maple wood floor, new paint, new storefronts and reproduction double doors as well as refurbishing the original tin ceiling.  

Construction store fronts 012 Construction store fronts 018 Construction store fronts 019 Construction store fronts 020

Spring – Summer 2013
The New Addition
In order to use our hard earned grant money on the third floor restoration, we needed to make our building handicap accessible, as well as more user friendly for staff, volunteers, and event participants.  An elevator could not be added inside the building because of its historic status.  Thus the addition was planned.  It includes a lobby space, restrooms for all three floors, fire stairs, and of course an elevator.  Now everyone will have the ability to enjoy our events on the second and eventual third floor without having to ascend the 22 steep stairs of our grand stairs. 

Construction Summer 2013 010 Construction Summer 2013 023 Construction Summer 2013 032 Construction Summer 2013 003

Work began in the first week of May with the layout and a massive pile of materials growing in our parking lot.  (We had to give up all of our rear parking until the end of construction, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.)  The end of May brought a huge hole and lots of concrete and then a solid floor as well as the beginnings of an elevator shaft.  Now in the midst of June a tower grows up further and further everyday!

Construction Summer 2013 005 Construction Summer 2013 008 Construction Summer 2013 017 Construction Summer 2013 015 Construction Summer 2013 019

This portion of the project is being financed through donations from supporters big and small.  The 1300 club campaign asks just $100.00 to be a member of the club and help raise the elevator.  Currently there is a challenge from one of our greatest supporters, Dave McCadam.  If we can raise $100,000.00 on our own, he will match it with another $100,000.00 donation.  

Currently, we are less than half way to our goal but with donations and help from supporters we will make it!  The end of project is slated for early September.   For more information on how you can help out please contact the Heuvelton Historical Association through the store by email or phone.  Keep an eye out for more updates on our website, facebook, and in the newsletters.

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