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Mr Pickens the Cat 56Amish products created in Northern New York are sold at Pickens General Store. Our amish community is located in beautiful Heuvelton, NY and offers the finest Amish-made goods available.

From  Amish Furniture to Amish Quilts, Amish Baskets, Amish Tools and more, you'll find that we've taken special care to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of each product we sell.

Amish Products For Sale

Pickens General Store offers a wide range of hand-made amish products. Our local amish craftsman create some of the most superb designs and local Old Order Amish farmers and craftsman or small regional businesses supply the items in our store. Many items are now being made exclusively for Pickens General Store.

Stop into our store located at 83 State Street in Heuvelton, New York or Browse Our Online Store and we will gladly ship our amish products right to your front door.
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