Amish Household Goods

Although the Amish rarely decorate their own homes they offer some beautifully crafted home décor items for your own home.  Pickens General Store offers a line of candles and potpourri made in intercourse Pennsylvania as well as candle holders that will fill your home with pleasant country scents.  We also have locally made quilted wall hangings which feature many of the traditional Amish quilt patterns.  Each wallhanging is hand quilted and unique, made in the home by Amish women. 

Pickens General also carries non Amish home décor crafted by local artists.  We feature Gary Chudzinski's  "Fauna on Flora" carvings of forest creatures in their natural habitat on shelf fungus  - a naturally occurring mushroom which grows on trees locally.  We also carry Steven Chambers original angels "Reverence" and "Faith" as well as his "Hope" ornaments and pins.  Chambers also hand paints our hand painted foot stools.

Within their own homes Amish decorations are limited to their beautiful oil lamps and reflectors.  Without electricity, Amish has turned to oil lamps to light their homes.  We carry the ornate glass Princess Oil lamps in clear, amber, and blue.  We also carry the wooden wall mounts with reflectors to hold lanterns and amplify light out into the room.

To maintain oil lamps and lanterns we also carry replacement bases and shades for princess lamps, replacement globes for lanterns, and replacement wicks in a variety or sizes to keep your lamps running well and shining bright.

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