Amish Kitchen Supplies

You won’t find any modern conveniences in an Amish kitchen but what you will find is a place where family gathers for hearty meals and shared time together without electric appliances and gadgets. 

Simplify your kitchen with our line of non-electric kitchen gadgets and supplies.  With all the chores handled in an Amish kitchen, we chose our kitchen supplies carefully to supply our customers with tools for making good food the traditional way. 

Our cookware includes Cast Iron Cookware from Lodge Logic and Stainless Steel pots, pans, roasters, and poachers as well as mixing bowls and utensils.  We carry high carbon stainless cutlery from Rada Cutlery in various sizes and purposes.  The non-electric kitchen gadgets we offer include hand crank meat grinders, stovetop stainless steel percolators, sifters and scoops.  We also offer a line of canning jars and supplies and a variety of cookbooks featuring simple hearty meals.

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