Amish Bird Feeders

Amish homemade birdfeeders from Picken's General Store are a womderfuil way to liven up your garden or outdoor area.

Watch as your feathered friends enjoy of meal on the seat of these unique wooden birdfeeders.  

Featured are our wooden seat bird feeders, in which a metal screen serves as the "seat" of the swing which holds seed but also allows empty shells to fall through.  The swing is made of cedar wood and also features a chain hanger and a clear coat finish for durability in the elements. 

This miniature wooden swing is great for outdoor porches or hung in trees as well as a decoration indoors as well.

The feeder measures 11" across the front including the arms by 6-1/2" deep and 5-1/2" tall

We also carried unique numbered acorn bird feeders which are also made by local Amish artisians. 

Acorn Bird Feeder
Acorn Bird Feeder

Acorn Bird Feeder

This handcrafted birdfeeder is cut from several pieces of wood and pieced together with a wide hole for feeding and a post for perching.  The "hat" of the acorn is stained in a dark finish while the body is left natural.  The
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