Amish Toys & Puzzles

Amish toys and puzzle games from Picken's General Store are perfect traditional gifts for the special children in your life. 

All are designed to teach and keep children interested.  All wooden products are high quality and built to last for years to come.  Many of these style games, puzzles and toys are used by the Amish in their own homes.   

Watch your child learn with the intuitiveness of our peg puzzles.  We even have games to teach your child basic math.  Fun and safe, and easy to use and learn, these products will be cherished for many a generation!

Mouse in a Box
Mouse in a Box

Surprise your friends and family with this simple toy.  When the door is pulled open a rubber mouse pops out and swings onto the hand of the person opening the door.  A great ice breaker and party game, give it to the joker in your family!

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