Leather Fly Swatters

Got a pest problem? Shoo fly! Our leather and wooden fly swatters add zip and pizzazz to your pesky problems.

These Amish-made leather fly swatters and wooden fly swatters are heavy-duty instrument for your bug bashing endeavors. If you’ve only ever used a dollar store special, you're in for a treat.

An Amish leather fly swatter measures approximately 4 ½ wide on the swatting end and long 22" long, overall. They come in a variety of colors and hole patterns, and each leather fly swatter sports the official Pickens General Store brand and an end-hole for hanging.

With our leather fly swatters, you can squash bugs in style! And if you're more the pacifist type, they make a comely, interesting decoration that will add a rustic element to your home or camp. With our leather and wooden fly swatters, you can add a unique touch to your home without harming a fly!

Leather Fly Swatters
Leather Fly Swatters

Bugs Beware! This swatter is not your average bug beater.  Our Amish made, leather fly swatters co
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